We generate activities to address team work focusing on certain vectors and behaviors that need to be installed, improved, modified, strengthened or changed.

Dynamics, games or triggers, all experiential, propose to “get out of the role” and make a rescue or return applicable to the daily work of the participants.

Amazing Race
When the only solution is trusting your team
Agile organizations
Given the increasing speed of change, the concept of agile organizations becomes an
imperative to sustain competitiveness.
Art management
An activity designed to re-learn to communicate through experimentation.
Grand Prix
Teams must build their own race car using a series of basic materials and guidelines.
Big Picture
In pairs or trios they will have to draw and paint the different pieces of the Great Mural and integrate the parts to contribute to the team's achievement.
Each team must design a reaction that will then be joined for the grand finale.
Wine building
Each team will try combinations until they come up with the creation of their own wine, which must be accompanied by a label design according to the product.
Cinema day
The whole day will be transformed into a real film set, in which creativity and teamwork will be the main actors of the films.
Challenge time
A unique goal for the whole team. To achieve this, they must go through a series of tasks, challenges and experiences.
Master Chef
Adapting the mechanics of the TV program "Master Chef" we will separate the guests into teams and a chef will indicate how to prepare the assigned recipe.
Under the same roof
Real construction elements will be provided to build the sections of a house or factory and assemble it in an emotive final of collaborative work.
Let’s go to school
The whole day will have as a theme the return to school.
In groups, each team must create a Chococake following the received mold.
The Celtic Warriors and the Treasure of the Druids
An experience of teamwork in a different culture. They must open The Chest by going through an old map.
Building bridges
Elements will be provided so that by groups they can create a section of the bridge that will join others, achieving together to build a structure that supports the weight of a car.
Each team runs its Haka in front of the other. The closure is the joint construction of a single Haka that should represent the identity of the entire group.
Art with sand
An encounter with imagination, where time and space are diluted and only the encounter with creativity remains.
Divided by teams, each with its technical coordinator, the participants work on the different fragments of a song.
To the rhythm of your team
We will form percussion ensembles in teams and work groups.
Singularity and transformation
The proposal is to generate a different view of one another, facilitating integration and collaborative work.