What are the new trends in corporate events, without a Uber in sight

In recent years, and especially with new technologies, many things have changed, both in the way people interact and in the tools available to do so. That made, in that same tuning, the corporate events have been changing in some of its aspects.

Many of these changes are linked to the new paradigms of youth and work. So, what are the keys to today’s events?

Immediacy: unlike what happened a few years ago, customers want everything now, just as young people want each of their goals. For the companies of the sector it implies to have not only suitable technological tools but also an adequate structure, that can give immediate answer to these requirements. Things are for now, now.

Personalization / creativity: everything must be special for each company, everything for me, nothing standard, and nobody wants a canning. Today, copying paste is synonymous with disappearing. Customers say “give me a proposal for me”. That makes event companies have more and more focus on creativity and innovation.

Well-being: although events were always tied to the idea of ​​having a good time, entertaining, etc., today this objective is marked with greater clarity, since the young people look for the well-being or the happiness in their work, and when it They perceive thus they go to another or they take a sabbatical year. In that sense, the formality has been set aside, and there are more and more events in informal formats.

Sustainability: As in the rest of the corporate sphere, sustainability is increasingly being pointed out at events. Making sustainable events makes the difference. In that sense, there are many measures that can be taken: reduce waste, use solar panels, do activities where the environment is talked about and how to care for it or carpoolings are done to reduce the use of fuel and so many other measures in that sense.

Digital Omnipresence: This is seen both in the organization and in the audience. Each event requires its own application, where it is reported, exchanged, located on the map, etc. They also usually have their blog, their space to upload and share photos. There are many digital and augmented reality games, as well as other latest technologies such as mapping, the use of holograms, among others.

Interconnection: events were always instances of encounter, of relating to the other. Emotionality plays an essential role here, which generates the greatest memory. Today, face-to-face contacts and contacts through the application and networks are part of the same communication concept. Through different instances, in the same meeting, the attendees are interconnected.

Uncontracted: as happens with society, in general, today the events are more descontracturados. No longer required, as before, the three dishes, the table of sweets … Many events today are made with pizza and beer and have a bar of drinks. Today the daiquiri is more valued than the chicken with champignon. The fun is above the rules ruled.

Multiple spaces: the fact of having technologies that simplify the transmission of audio, videos, lights, etc., added to the costs that in some cases have exceeded what companies are willing to pay, makes the events are no longer done Always in the traditional halls, but are often carried out in the company itself, a terrace, a sum, etc.

New ways, same goals

Although some formats have changed, the events have not stopped being done. In fact, there are more and more events. But they ceased to be an end in themselves. Now they are a means, a way to achieve something: improving the climate, linking employees to a company, customer loyalty.

The changes are tools but not background. If we look at other items, we can say that with the technological changes one did not stop taking photos, but to reveal the analogues. Nor do we stop eating, although the diect has been modified towards the most natural food. There is no Uber of events, but new tools and trends.

In short, technological advances and changes in the ways of relating have brought about changes in the way of holding corporate events. There are new spaces, technologies, networks, different food, etc., but the essence of them has not changed. To generate relationships, exchanges, good moments and appeals to the emotionality, they continue being like objectives of bottom.

Marcelo Gordín is director of Enfasis Motivation Company

Source: Revista Imagen 01/08/2017

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