We are Enfasis

We help companies to motivate their teams and boost their brands through impacful and moving activities and events.

Enfasis DNA

We build long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. Our focus is to generate added value in everything we do, with quality and warmth. We always comply with what was promised in a timely manner and we go beyond what was expected.

Your goals, our objectives

Our customers are unique and so are our services. We care about offering an innovative service that inspires and surprises and, above all, that meets the objectives of our customers. Our proposals are leveraged in a first level creative team and in the support that gives us more than 20 years of experience in the corporate market.

Our history

Enfasis was born in 1994, after 15 years dedicated to the animation of parties and events. From there, we began to organize corporate events taking the current name of Emphasis S.R.L. in February of 2001.

From 1994 on we incorporated employees to our team and little by little we specialized in designing and organizing activities and events to help companies motivate their teams.

Since then, we have grown uninterruptedly, becoming the leading company in the sector, currently carrying out programs, activities and events for the most important companies in Argentina and Latin America. More than 5000 events, from team buildings for small groups to mega-events for 30,000 people, are a reflection of our work.

Our people

We recognize the people who make up Enfasis Motivation Company as the most valuable asset. We encourage personal and professional development in an inspiring climate that encourages initiative, teamwork and commitment …. and make them happy.


Marcelo Gordín


Fernando Cánepa


Martín Vicencio

Gerente comercial

Carlos Tavella

Gerente comercial

Carlos Keinrath

Gerente comercial

Bárbara Einstoss

Clima y RRHH

Juan Perissinotto

Gerente de Producción

Gigliola Buccellato

Gerente de Diseño y Creatividad

Karina Nacache

Gerente de Administración

Natalia Kaposvari

Gerente de Marketing

Florencia Ledesma

Responsable de Administración

Martín Amorin

Responsable de Operaciones

Julián Dely

Ejecutivo de cuentas

Silvana Gomez

Ejecutiva de cuentas

Julián Levy

Ejecutivo de cuentas

Matías Marusic


Fernando Núñez


Josefina Pedevilla


Flavia Quiroz


Aldana Santiago


Dana Averbuj

Back office

Ivana Faverio

Back office

Michelle Rochabrun

Back office

Pablo Colombo


Rubén Segal


Carolina Amaro


Paula Mancardo

Productora adiovisual

Melina Cánepa

Analista de Administración

Lucía Porcel

Analista de Administración

Mariela Torres


Tomás Amorin

Asistente de Operaciones